How can I make my own wooden panel to use epoxy resin on?

  • Making Wooden Panels for ArtResin Epoxy Resin
  • 1. Cut masonite board (MDF board) to the dimensions you want
  • 2. Measure length of masonite and cut wooden edges to match that length. For small pieces, use 2 x 1″ wood. For larger pieces, use 2 x 2″ wood so it's stronger.
  • 3. Use wood glue/corrugated nails to attach the edges to the board.
  • 4. OPTIONAL: You can also use flat 'L' brackets to screw into the back to make the corners stay tight. If the piece is large, consider adding a diagonal cross-piece of wood from corner to corner for extra support.
  • 5. Sand corner outer edges. Fill in gaps with wood filler putty. Let dry and sand again.
  • 6. To prime the wood, use gesso from an art store or white ceiling paint from the hardware store
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